Instructions for Use

Place the Trueback on the floor and then lie on it as shown below. For best results, lie on the Trueback for between 3 and 5 minutes. And that is all! It really is as simple as that.
Position 1 for Relief from Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Upper Back Pain Lie down on the Trueback with the higher end towards the head. This focuses the pain relief on the neck, shoulders and upper back.
Position 2 for Relief from Middle Back Pain and Lower Back Pain Lying down on the Trueback with the higher end towards the base of the spine leads to relief from middle back pain and lower back pain. usage2

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What TrueBack can help?

Acute Back Pain

When lower back pain lasts for a few days, medical professionals refer to it as acute back pain. Acute back pain occurs when there is tension in the lower back from: * sporting injuries * whiplash in a car accident * work environment * pressure on the spinal bones. Common symptoms include: * muscle spasms * shooting pains * stiff muscles * problems standing straight. If no treatment is received to relieve the lower back pain, it can become chronic or lead to other conditions.

Chronic Back Pain

When lower back pain lasts for months, it is described as chronic. This may occur from a past injury or a constant cause such as arthritis. The main symptom associated with chronic back pain is a deep, aching lower back pain that possibly travels to the legs and may result in numbness and/ or tingling sensations.

Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the commonest injuries people can suffer and the pain can be excruciating. The Trueback was developed to relieve back pain and has been successful with many different types of back pain, including: * muscular back pain * spasms * cramps * sciatica * stiffness * stress * tension. The Trueback is very simple yet has helped so many people. You too could be free from your back pain in just days. Watch the video above to see what real people are saying then order yours today.

Relief from Lower Back Pain

The Trueback effectively relieve lower back pain. Once the pain is gone, the daily stress and discomfort of dealing with a painful back also disappear and you can go about your daily business and resume sporting activities. Daily use of the Trueback can prevent the back pain re-appearing. Lower back pain is so common it is rated as the number one job injury and the number two neurological ailment.

Other Conditions

These include: Osteoporosis – a decrease in the strength and density in bones Spondylitis – infection of the spinal joints and increase in spine pains Bulging disc – the discs weaken and move into the area of the spinal cord Spinal Stenosis – a gradual narrowing of the spinal canal. Fibromyalgia – long-term pain throughout the body Sciatica – damage to the sciatic nerve causing nerve pain

Skeletal Irregularities

There are a few low back pain remedies that can be done at home. Ice and heat compresses may help decrease inflammation. Bed rest is also needed but not longer than 2 or 3 days, to prevent from getting stiff and worsening the pain. The most important low back pain treatment is exercise. Exercise is a great way to increase muscle strength. Some excellent exercise activities include walking, swimming and using the Trueback.